What We Do

Improving the New Cut

While regular clean-up sessions are an essential part of improving the New Cut in order to help maintain and protect the habitat for plants and wildlife (Clean-ups), FrANC is also committed to encouraging residents, passers-by and visitors to be able to enjoy, learn about, appreciate and help safeguard the New Cut too.

Since it was set up, FrANC has designed and installed Interpretation boards at various points along the New Cut. There are now eight in total. Each has information about that particular environment, the birds and other wildlife and vegetation as well as relevant facts about the history or economy of the area.

To encourage people to take a moment to enjoy the New Cut, FrANC has installed three benches (marked on the map below).

The first, in 2009, was to mark the 200th anniversary of the completion of the creation of the New Cut. This is located near to the beginning of the Chocolate Path just off Cumberland Road.

Two others were installed in 2016 thanks to a grant to FrANC from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and can be found on Clarence Road on either side of Langton St. bridge.

In order to encourage more people to deposit their litter responsibly, FrANC persuaded Bristol City Council (BCC) to install litter bins at either end of the Langton St (‘banana’) bridge and members alert BCC where there are particular issues about rubbish, graffiti or anti-social behaviour.