New Cut maintenance works

We have been contacted by contractors working for Bristol City Council about planned projects in the near future along several sections of the New Cut. The Council asked the contractors to update FrANC about the work.

Underfall sluice gates to God’s Garden
There will be minor clearance of vegetation on the masonry walls on both sides of the Cut between the Underfall sluice gates and God’s Garden. This will allow inspection of the condition of the walls. The walls will then be monitored over a period of up to a year to ascertain any movement or failings. A plan of necessary works will then be developed.

Around Banana Bridge
There is some concern about slippage of the walls and their general condition around the Banana Bridge, up to 100m on both sides. The plan is to clear the site of vegetation and undertake inspection of the masonry and ground with a subsequent plan to be developed for potential reinforcement.

Around Gaol Ferry Bridge
On the Wapping Wharf side of the Cut, between Gaol Ferry Bridge and God’s Garden, there will be clearance to allow ground investigations to investigate slippage (see photo above). A mitigation/repair plan will subsequently be developed. This is an area of concern which FrANC reported to the Council in January 2023.

We are grateful to the contractors and to the Council for ensuring we have been notified in advance of work starting.  Although it is likely there will be some disturbance of nesting birds and loss of habitat, the monitoring and maintenance of the walls of the New Cut are vital to its longevity.

We will liaise with the Council before our next litter picks to make sure our chosen locations do not interfere with these important projects.

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