Presentation to FrANC by Polly Emmott: Thursday September 23rd on Zoom

14 of us took part in a really entertaining presentation by Polly Emmott, known on Instagram as @Litterpickle, on her love of litter-picking. Her enthusiasm and imaginative approaches to the activity, and her wonderful and witty obsession with it all, made the time speed by.

Ably introduced and interviewed by Lizzi Testani, two key themes were clear: the importance of stopping plastic pollution, especially her pet-hate polystyrene, and the role social media can play in the fight. Polly’s Instagram photographs and messages were persuasive tools not just pretty memories of a day outdoors.

FrANC members pick up litter as well as any, but we can learn much from Polly’s ability to engage with others and to share her stories.

Watch the recording of Polly’s talk (mp4)

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