Beaver spotted in the New Cut

Video and photos of a beaver spotted in the shallows of the New Cut near Bedminster Bridge were posted on BS3 Wildlife Group’s Facebook page and later reported in Bristol 24/7 on Thursday 13th April.

Back in 2021, Bristol 24/7 published an article about wild beavers breeding around the River Avon. It was believed to be the first time in more than 400 years that wild beavers were living in the Bristol region.

Avon Wildlife Trust had this comment about the recent sightings:

“Beavers have been living upstream of Bath for a few years now, and are slowly spreading through the river catchment with great success. The beaver population we have in the Avon is wild and free living (not formally released like many UK populations). It will likely be a young (sub) adult about 3 years old – in spring they leave their family home (lodge) and go searching for places to set up their own territory and begin a family of their own. I hope this one finds somewhere nice to live and thrive, ideally upstream towards Conham where the riparian habitat is much better suited to beaver. They are amazing creatures, and the sub adults do often swim for miles looking around for likely territories.”

(Thanks to Ian Wilson for permission to use his photo)

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